Wrongful Termination


Being suddenly terminated from your employment is a difficult and unsettling experience. Although Missouri / Illinois law permits employers to end the employment relationship with an employee at any time and without notice, this does not mean employers can terminate an employee for any reason.

Firing an employee or taking other adverse disciplinary actions against an employee in violation of the employee’s rights is wrongful, and the employee may have grounds to file a wrongful termination or retaliation lawsuit.

Wrongful Reasons to Terminate or Discipline Employees

Terminating an employee or taking any adverse disciplinary action against an employee (such as demoting the employee or exposing the employee to harassment) for any of the following reasons may subject the employer to a wrongful termination or retaliation lawsuit:
  • Discrimination: Federal and state laws prohibit employers from taking any adverse action against an employee (including termination) because of the employee’s disability, race, sex, and certain other protected classifications and characteristics.
  • Implied contracts: Employers may create implied employment contracts with their employees if, for example, the employer implicitly promises not to fire the employee except for good cause. If such an implied contract exists, violating the implied contract can lead to a wrongful termination lawsuit.
  • Public policy: An employer in Missouri or Illinois is prohibited from terminating an employee or taking other disciplinary action against an employee for reasons that violate public policy (such as firing an employee who will not perform an illegal act or demoting an employee for reporting a workplace safety violation to state authorities).

You may be eligible to recovery & damages if you’ve been wrongfully terminated.

Uncovering the reason for your termination may take time and tenacity, so it is important to partner with an experienced and dedicated wrongful termination law firm who will fight to protect your rights. Carter Law Firm is here to help.