Race Discrimination


Unfortunately, many workers are illegally judged by the color of their skin or racial background, rather than the quality of their work. Some are even fired, demoted, denied benefits, passed over for workplace opportunities or otherwise mistreated simply because of their race. This most commonly affects people of color. However, caucasian workers can also experience unlawful discrimination in some instances if race is the motivating factor behind an employment decision.

At Carter Law Firm, we’re sensitive to workers who feel they may be discriminated against because of their race.

We can answer your race discrimination questions, help you understand your options, and if your rights have been violated, assist you in finding a solution.


Proving Race Discrimination

Proving race discrimination — as is the case with many discrimination cases — isn’t easy. It often requires looking at the totality of a worker’s circumstances. Companies rarely state that an employment decision is based on someone’s race; employers are usually smarter than that. However, if an employer or supervisor seems to be disproportionately picking on particular workers or the company’s decision-makers are known to make derogatory racial remarks, you may be able to prove that an employee’s race has illegally been considered in an employment decision.

Carter Law Can Help Fight Against Race Discrimination

Victims of race discrimination have a right to full and fair remedies. These cases are difficult to prove, and the law favors employers. However, if it can be shown your employer discriminated against you, available remedies include:

  • Job Reinstatement
  • Compensation for past and future lost wages and benefits
  • Reinstatement of lost pension or retirement benefits
  • Compensation for the emotional distress you’ve suffered
  • Potentially punitive or liquidated damages
  • Compensation for out-of-pocket expenses, additional training, and other remedies depending upon the specifics of your case

If you feel you are the victim of race discrimination, contact the attorneys of Carter Law Firm today for a consultation.